Italian Footwear Technology



Our technicians design the optimal profile of a shoe around a threedimensional shape of a human foot, following the natural shape and integrating the need for stability and protection with the ability to provide high sensitivity on the field. The result is an extremely precise internal volume which, for the wearer, equates with the feeling of wearing a custom-made shoe. The next phase considered the necessary characteristics that might make the Andrew shoes light, with controlled flexibility, and a fluid rolling that fits the arch-metatarsus biomechanical system of the human foot perfectly. Thus we created very comfortable shoes, with a special balance between flexion and torsion, excellent to reduce stress to the spine and joints thanks to the progressive absorption and release of energy.

extra rigid

Maximum rigidity with direct transfer of foot movement, developed for rock and ice climbing shoes and for extreme alpine activities. Very stable, precise, light (glass fibre and nylon), insulating, appropriate for use with automatic crampons.


Middle-to-high rigidity, mounted on shoes appropriate for fixed-aid climbing routes, steep ground and trekking. Resistant and with controlled flexion, with dimensional stability in the presence of temperature changes, designed for use with semi-automatic crampons.


Medium rigidity, guarantees that the shoe will bend and roll in an optimal way also when the wearer is carrying medium and heavy loads. Designed for use on mixed terrain, difficult trekking routes , work on the mountains and hunting. the foot.


Reduced rigidity, developed for shoes for light trekking, hiking and similar activities. Very flexible, elastic and insulating.

Extra Flexible

Maximum flexibility and elasticity, designed for outdoors, leisure, easy walking, adventure travelling and city winter shoes. Breathable, humidity absorbent. Great comfort and soft rolling.


Washed natural and aerated leather with anatomical Eva support. Breathable, soft and flexible, with open cell shock absorber in the heel impact area. Absorbs the shoe’s inner humidity.


Visco-elastic material with shape memory. Self-shaping and thermosensitive, it adapts to the shape of the foot, providing optimal load distribution and comfort. It recovers its initial shape after use.


Thermal lining with felt bottom support. High insulation capability. Keeps the foot at a constant temperature, including in extreme cold conditions. Breathable and anti-bacterial, thanks to the presence of silver microparticles.


Exclusive Andrew Srl rigid TPU midsole, designed and produced in a single printed plate with differentiated internal structure. This system copies the lower biomechanics of the foot, guaranteeing structural support torsional stability and precision, lightness, sensitivity and shape-holding capability in the areas of maximum adhesion of the sole. Designed for shoes to be used with automatic crampons.


Rigid TPU midsole, with a shell architecture that tapers off from the heel to zero thickness at the metatarsus. This structure is designed to guarantee the right balance of stability, sensitivity and shape-holding capability, and the controlled flexion of the front part of the foot. Used in shoes with slots for semiautomatic crampons.


New Andrew midsole with technical features similar to T.S.S.L. However, it has an external central support that guarantees an excellent combination of torsion stability, containment and correct flexion of the arch of the foot when the foot is rolling.


Variable density polyurethane midsole, designed to streamline tensile strength, shock absorption and micro-vibrations from the impact with the ground in the areas of the heel and metatarsus. It guarantees uniform and stable load distribution, reduces stress to the lower limbs and offers at the same time maximum propulsion. Antistatic, abrasion and puncture resistant, antivibration.


High technical leather, antiscratch, waterproof, breathable and very resistant. Right for every mountaineering activity. Rock, gravel and ice cannot damage it. Long-lasting product, it maintains its shape.


Full Grain Leather strongly waterproof, comfortable and with an excellent transpiration. Soft to touch, it has a good resistance to water but also guarantees breathability from the inside to the outside of the shoe, giving a lasting comfort, also in extreme environments.


Variety of light, velvety leather. It has the same peculiarities of the Full Grain Leather. The leather is treated, during the tanning, in order to make it waterproof, always maintaining a good breathability.


It’s the best hydrophile membrane, it has no pores (unlike Goretex), very light, super-thin (10 micron), 100% waterproof, highly breathable, and elastic in 4 directions up to 300%. This Made in Germany membrane/ laminate system absorbs easily the sweat, ensuring a dry, non humid and comfortable shoe. In terms of breathability, HIGH2OUT creates a new standard: it is more breathable of 120% compared to the traditional laminates, ensuring therefore more wealth and safety.


Made in USA material produced with very fine synthetic polymer microfibres with high thermal insulation capabilities. The material captures a bigger volume of air in a smaller space, thus streamlining comfort and thermal stability. It is light, thin, adaptable and absorbent, keeps the feet warm and dry even in the presence of extremely low outside temperatures.


Innovative material treated on the surface with microcells of highresistance polymers, used also on military and industrial fields. Extremely high resistance to cutting, abrasion, wear and tear, rents. Breathable. Washable and very resistant to humidity.

KEVLAR by dupont

Aramid synthetic fibre highly resistant to abrasion (1 stratum of Kevlar guarantees a quality and a resistance comparable to 7 strata of nylon). The Kevlar fibre is extremely light and very resistant, ideal for the (reinforcing points) or the (windows) of the upper.


High technology material thought to guarantee the best resistance and duration, but also lightness and an easy maintenance. It guarantees a resistance to abrasion twice higher than the common nylon, a lower weight and good waterproof qualities.


This prestigious handicraft technique is characterised by an exposed double seam that binds together the upper, lining and insole. The first seam connects the upper to the insole and the second one anchors the upper to the midsole that shall subsequently glued to the sole. This is an especially difficult process, that requires a lot of time and a lot of precision, and is therefore characteristic of only a few companies who still have very skilled master shoemakers in their staff. The final result is a vintage-looking shoe, exceptionally long lasting and completely reliable.


The realization of an Andrew shoe foresees that the company design area job - identifying style, outlook and the materials/colors to involve and couple - is sinergically followed by assembly and final mounting of all the parts. Starting from an attentive correspondence between the foot morphology and modelling of the shape, a rigorous procedure is followed according to which the ability and precision of assembly operations must respect the high construction and quality standards. In fact, according to Andrew philosophy making a shoe means adopting a series of ways and working techniques, which are the result of long experience, control capacity and deep commitment that will define the comfort of the shoe, the strength and image of the final product.


Made in Italy, extremely warm multistrata fabric that is used for the internal lining of the shoe. Its high isolating and capability of breathable, guarantees thermic isolation, maintaining the foot temperature constant, also in extreme climatic situations (up to -20°). Moreover, the insertion of silver microparticles, that create an anti-bacterium system, make the inside of the shoe healthy and comfortable.


Vibram 1014 - teton

Outsole with rubber cleats that guarantee traction on particularly uneven terrain while the delineated heel offers braking on steep slopes and moving surfaces. Teton is perfect for demanding trekking, especially at high altitudes.

Vibram 1149 - montagna block

Blocker rubber sole featuring the classic Vibram mountain design and with squared template. For its excellent resistance to wear and high non-slip capacity, together with the maximum heightof the heel (29 mm), it is recommended for mountain activities.

Vibram 1147 - roccia block

Rubber blocker sole featuring the classic Vibram mountain design and with squared template. For its excellent resistance to wear and high non-slip capacity, together with the height of the heel (28 mm) and sole (8 mm), it is recommended for high-altitude activities and heavy works.

Vibram 1202 - fourà

Rubber sole featuring the classic trekking design by Vibram. For its high non-slip capacity, together with the reinforced toe cap, the undercut heel and the carved waist (for improved adherence to uneven terrain), it is recommended for trekking.

Vibram 1229 - mulaz

Mountaineering sole realized with VIBRAM® Mont compound highly reliable on Vibram Mulaz adapts to a wide variety of alpine terrain and to the most extreme conditions thanks to a 360° helical tread, which is especially effective when ascending and descending. The broad support surfaces at the tip (climbing zone) are particularly useful in rocky passages where grip is essential.

Vibram - amsterdam

VIBRAM® Amsterdam sole provides with comfort when moving and grip when standing still. • VIBRAM® gumlite compound • Textured toe and heel pads for grip • Medallion bobs are strategically placed for stablity • Multiple lug pattern provides traction while allowing smooth rolling gait

Vibram 1210 - friction

A very recently developed rubber approach sole featuring the new Friction design. For its excellent resistance to wear and high non-slip capacity, together with the reinforced toe cap and undercut heel, it is recommended for resoling/manufacturing footwear for approach marches.